VISION and attention TO details is what makes the DESIGN

Our design team are some of the best in the industry at combing the precision of science with innovative vision and individual talent. We deliver unique custom environments that are sure to leave you and your guests breathless. Our goal is to ensure that every single space delivers the emotion of the environment that was intended while maximizing its square foot potential.

Ensuring you are on the same page with the people you are working with and that you share a similar vision is an essential part of any interior design motif. At Vigneshlinga we offer in-home and in-office residential consults as a base for any new project. Let our professionals help you create the beautiful, luxurious and functional space that you have always wanted.

An in-depth and accurate discussion of deliverables. This will naturally include a timeline for the project, questions to determine what design motif, budget and timeline you are looking for. Qualifying potential projects will receive a complimentary onsite consultation with the Lead designer.

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