Penna Premium (OPC)





Penna Premium OPC 53 Grade Cement
  • Minimum 28 days strength of 530 Kg/CM2 (53 MPa) IS: 269-2015 ,
  • High strength to structures due to its optimum particle size distribution, crystallized structure and balanced phase composition.
  • Pre-cast concrete items such as paving blocks, tiles and building blocks, pre-stressed concrete components and major construction projects with special requirements such as bridges, runways, high-rise buildings and concrete roads
Penna Premium OPC 43 Grade Cement
Minimum 28 days strength of 430 Kg/CM2 (43 MPa) IS: 269-2015, General purpose cement General civil construction work, in the manufacture of pre-cast items such as blocks, pipes and tiles, asbestos products such as sheets and pipes and non-structural works such as plastering and flooring


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