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Is Arasu brand cement a good quality cement?
Yes. Arasu brand cement is a very good quality cement manufactured by Tamilnadu Cements Corporation Ltd., a Govt. of Tamilnadu undertaking and number of Govt. Buildings, Dams and Bridges have been constructed by using entirely Arasu cement, which stands as Testimony for “ARASU Cement”.
What is the minimum quantity to be ordered for delivery at site?
10 Tonnes consisting of 200 bags of cement.
What is the minimum time required for delivery of cement?
Cement will be supplied within 24 hours from the time of remittance of cash/DD.
Whether the customer can directly make the payment for supply of cement at the factories?
Consumers have to make the payment through one of the authorised dealers situated near their place of construction excepting in Chennai and Suburbs where they can make the payment for supply of cement directly at TANCEM’s Corporate Office at 735, Anna Salai, Chennai-2 for any quantity.
What is the mode of payment?
The cost of cement has to be remitted either by cash or by way of Demand Draft drawn in favour of‘Tamilnadu Cements Corporation Limited’ .
What is OPC Cement?
OPC means Ordinary Portland Cement which contains mixture of portland clinker and Gypsum ground to a very fine powder.
What is PPC Cement?
PPC means Portland Pozzolana Cement. It is manufactured by blending a mixture of Ordinary Portland cement and Pozzolana materials such as Fly Ash, in proportions not less than 15% and not more than 35% by weight of cement. The fineness of PPC will be greater than OPC.
What is the difference between OPC and PPC Cement?
Addition of Pozzolanic material such as fly ash in the cement manufacture by 15% to 35% is the only difference between OPC and PPC.
What are preferable constructions by OPC and PPC?

OPC: OPC is categorised as 33 Grade, 43 Grade and 53 Grade. It is preferably used in Defence Services, Railway Sleeper making and in lean concrete structures.

PPC: PPC is having better resistance to Sulphate attack and hence it is preferably used in Sea Shore, Dam constructions and in the earth work concreting to neutralise corrosion effect of soil and water under the earth’s crest. Due to higher fineness, mostly it is used in plastering work for smooth finishing.

What are the duration of curing for OPC and PPC?
Duration for curing is same for both OPC and PPC. But the water cement ratio may be slightly varied. As the cement is attaining full strength at 28 days, concretes made out of both the cements are to be cured for 28 days.
What is the method of curing for OPC and PPC?
Method of curing is identical for both OPC and PPC. A slightly higher humidity has to be created around the cement construction (by poring water) so as to allow the water content of cement mortar/concrete is ready for hydration reaction upto 28 days, the time required to attain full strength.
What is percentage of sand mixing for OPC and PPC?
Sand mixing in OPC or PPC is at different level depending upon the nature of mortar/concrete works. Some of the specialised concreting works, the addition of sand is restricted in PPC when compared to OPC.
What are the setting time for OPC and PPC?
Same for both OPC and PPC. i.e. initial setting time 30 minutes and final setting time 600 Minutes. (10 hours)
What is the difference between 43 and 53 Grade?

Both differs in terms of compressive strength as per details given below

A. 3 Days Strength 23 Mpa (min) 27 Mpa (min)
B. 7 Days Strength 33 Mpa (min) 37 Mpa (min)
C. 28 Days Strength 43 Mpa (min) 53 Mpa (min)

The differences are due to change in the potential phase composition of the clinker. The heat of hydration of 43 Grade is less than 53 Grade.

Why there is no grade for PPC?
Since gradation of cement is mainly due to the difference in potential phase composition of clinker such as C2S, C3S, etc., the addition of Pozzolana to cement manufactured will not hold good for any cement gradation for PPC. But PPC should meet out OPC 33 Grade strength on curing for 28 days as per BIS.

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